is the slogan for the Make My Choice workshops being conducted under the Manovikas Institute in India. The institute is focused on helping disabled people  learning to make choices and how to choose the best for themselves with their workshops funded by charities and supported by volunteers from around India.  Manovikas calls out to all people with disabled people and their families to come and be a part of the workshop to help their loved ones learn.

Mentally challenged people often don’t get taken seriously when they want to make a choice for themselves. This is certainly wrong but accepted in the society like a norm because people believe that those with disabilities rarely have the sight and wisdom to make a beneficial choice for themselves. This is exactly what the Make My Choice workshops being conducted under the banner of Manovikas in India seeks to change for people with disabilities.


The Make My Choice series of workshops have already brought about a great change in the lives of hundreds of disabled people and have enlightened them with an insight to make
the best choices for themselves. The main motto of these workshops is to develop more skills in people with disabilities so that they can live a life that is somewhat closer to a normal life with normal choices.

Each and every workshop for Make My Choice program is methodically planned and implemented so that each participant of the workshop is encouraged to develop his/her insight and get skills to make their own choices.

What the society needs to consider is that another person’s choice, even if they are disabled, is valuable. A person has every right to choose for him/herself. Make My Choice is a series of workshops that will help people discover what they want to do for themselves.

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