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Respite is imporant sometimes. When you feel like the whole world is on your shoulders, the pressure is on, and you need a helping hand to get you through the emotional times. If you feel stressed and you need a temporary place to take care of your child so you can spend an evening with your partner, spend some time with friends, a vacation or simply some alone time to exercise. If this is you, you may find it beneficial to consider the Respite Care options at Manovikas.

In a continuously growing and developing country like India it is important to have a location such like the Respite care facility and is necessary for those who are intellectually disabled.

The aims of the Respite Care Services are simple. To provide a residential setting where residents are taken care of, supported and valued as individuals within a caring environment that promotes the health and well-being of all of its service users.

Manovikas Independent Living Center aims to promote independence, dignity and respect of those with an intellectual disability. They provide opportunities to participate in a vast amount of activities that will help improve the users quality of life. We are completely committed to providing nothing but the best service that meets all standards and work towards continuously improving our services.

Here at Manovikas we recognize that parents, siblings and often grandparents are the guardian for adults with intellectual disabilities. Although these guardians are full of love, they need a break every now and then to refresh their energy and have a moment to themselves. The Manovikas Independent Living Centre offers a 24 hour service of a temporary caring home. This service allows those who are in need of it to participate in activities to build their own skill set so that they become a functioning member of society. The center is based around a respite care program for adults who have an intellectual disability and provides a comforting environment for them to build social skills while giving their families time to recuperate their energy.

In a developing country like India, Respite care facility for children and persons with mentally and intellectually disabled is essential need also to provide the provision of temporary housing. In the year 2004 by the National Trust and Manovikas the residential and respite care facility was proved as a boon for the family members. So far nearly 200 people have received this facility and provided temporary relief. This model of Manovikas has been also replicated at nearly 120 locations through the National Trust and several state governments in India.

Manovikas Charitable Society is a registered voluntary organisation, recognised under Persons with Disabilities Act and the National Trust Act, overseen by a Governing Board of Members comprising parents and individuals with disabilities.

Manovikas seeks to promote the inclusion and independence of persons with intellectual disabilities through: care, work, leisure, advocacy, activation, education, supported living, respite, service development and awareness of the community.

Our Ethos for Respite Care Services: Manovikas is committed to working to ensure our participants are always at the centre of our service. We make certain that the participant is fully involved in decisions affecting all aspects of their life, so that they are enabled to lead as independent and satisfying life as possible.

Our Aims of Respite Care Services:

The aims of the respite service offered by Manovikas is to provide a residential setting, for adults, where residents are cared for, supported and valued within a care environment that promotes the health and well being of service users.

We aim to promote independence, dignity, respect and to provide opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities that are based upon the services users own choice that enhance their quality of life. We are committed to providing quality services that meet national quality and best practice standards, and to improving these services continually.

Manovikas recognizes that parents, siblings, and other family members are often the primary caregivers for adults with intellectual disabilities. While love never rests, sometimes the body and mind of a caregiver need a break before they can continue. Manovikas Independent Living Centre (MILC) offers temporary Respite Care in the form of 24-hour respite care service on an as-needed basis and when space is available in our residential care home. The individual receiving respite services joins the residents in the existing schedules and planned activities in the home.

Manovikas Independent Living Centre (MILC) is Centre-based respite care program for adults who have an intellectual disability. Provides a safe, enriching environment where adults can develop social skills while giving families a break from the caring role.

Principles of best practice in the provision of respite care services at MILC:

  • Principle One: That respite services be person-centred and family-centred;
  • Principle Two: That respite services be provided on a rights basis;
  • Principle Three: That respite be defined as a support service and regarded among a system of support services;
  • Principle Four: That respite services be designed in consultation with families in acknowledgement of their expertise in providing care;
  • Principle Five: That respite be designed to facilitate the service user in building relationships in their community;
  • Principle Six: That respite services be age-appropriate and develop as the service user develops;
  • Principle Seven: That respite care services have clear goals and that systematic and regular review ensure achievement of those goals.

Before you join MILC think what Type of Respite you may need?

  • Do I need long‐term or short‐term respite?
  • Do I want services in my home or in an outside setting?
  • Does the respite provider have the services my child needs?
  • Does the provider have specialists trained to accommodate my child?
  • What is the cost for the respite care service?
  • Can I afford the services that I need?
  • Are there funds available to assist me?
  • Who is responsible for direct payment to the provider?
  • Can the provider take care of my other children at the same time?
  • What happens in a family emergency?
  • Does my medical insurance cover respite care?
  • Do I need to carry additional insurance for respite care?
  • It is important to identify your needs and your child’s needs.

This enables you to get the right support and helps to determine which type of respite to pursue. 

FAQ for Respite Care at Manovikas Independent Living Centre (MILC)

What is respite care?

For many, the challenges of caring for a developmentally disabled family member are simply a part of daily life. Caregiving is a demanding job and no one is equipped to do it without support.

At MILC respite care provides temporary, short-term breaks for the individual and caregiver.

Without a break, even the healthiest caregiver can become overwhelmed. Respite offers caregivers an opportunity for vacation and support during emergencies. The flexibility allows for regular respite, during the day depending on the need of the caregiver.

What are the eligibility requirements?

At MILC respite services are available to both children (10-18yrs) and adults (18-50yrs). The individual must have a diagnosis of a developmental disability (Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, etc.) or an intellectual disability (formerly referred to as mental retardation). Individuals with serious medical and behavioural issues are assessed on a case-by-case basis for eligibility.

How is respite paid for?

The monthly expenses is Rs.8,500/- per month or Rs.300/- for 24 hrs and one time Registration and Living and Maintenance Expenses is Rs.35,000/- which valid for one year. The family who is having Below Poverty Line Certificate these fees shall be exempted by the National Trust on the basis of availability of seats. Individuals must have the NIRAMAYA Health Insurance and Disability Certificate. You can receive more information on NIRAMAYA Health Insurance,

Where is Respite Care provided?                         

Manovikas Independent Living Centre

60A, Radhey Puri Extn-I, Delhi-110051,

Mobile No. 9911107772, Email: indiraThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is encouraged for all families to take advantage of the respite facilities so that the individual with intellectual disabilities can become family and more comfortable in the particular environment.

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