Manovikas Joyful Living Home

Project Slogan:- Think independent, live independent

What is MJLH?

Joyful living home offer affordable, accessible living arrangements along with the supports needed to meet each girls/women with intellectual and developmental disability.

In group homes, our focus extends far beyond ensuring a girls/women with intellectual and developmental disability basic needs are met. We promote girls/women decision making, meaningful community involvement and assist individuals to develop and maintain independence in their everyday lives.


Why is MJLH?

MJLH provides residence to the girls/women with disabilities with care and support.


The principles are dignity, privacy, choice, safety, realising potential, equality and diversity.


Your right to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect at all times; and
  • Enjoy a full range of social relationships.


Your right to:

  • Have your privacy and property respected; and
  • Be free from unnecessary intrusion.


Your right to:

  • Make informed choices, while recognising the rights of other people to do the same; and
  • Know about the range of choices.


Your right to:

  • Feel safe and secure in all aspects of life, including health and wellbeing;
  • Enjoy safety but not be over-protected; and
  • Be free from exploitation and abuse.

Realising potential 

Your right to have the opportunity to:

  • Achieve all you can;
  • Make full use of the resources that are available to you; and
  • Make the most of your life.

Equality and diversity 

Your right to:

  • Live an independent life, rich in purpose, meaning and personal fulfilment;
  • Be valued for your ethnic background, language, culture, and faith;
  • Be treated equally and to live in an environment which is free from bullying, harassment and discrimination; and
  • Be able to complain effectively without fear of victimisation.


  • To provide joyfull environment for girls/women who live in hostel .
  • Involvement of girls/women in outdoor activities.
  • Girls/women are able to make their own choice.
  • To aware the girls/women with disability who live in hostel about their safety skills.
  • To reduce the behavioral issues of girls/women with disability.
  • To prepare girls/women with disability for independent living
  • To make them understand about the proper use of dusting material by their cognition level.
  • Involve in sports activities.


  1. Provide quality based basic essentials of life
  • Provide cleanliness to the girls/women with disability.
  • Provide proper and nutritious food to the girls/women with disability lived in the hostel.
  • Provide safe secure and caring environment.
  1. Provide safe and secure place
  • Proper attention given by care giver so that students can’t harm themselves.
  • Aware girls/women with disability from fire extinguisher,so that they can prepare themselves for any emergency.
  • Observe girls/women with disability activities through cctv.
  • Guide and trained guard and warden for students security.
  1. Provide qualitative staff like trained caretaker, warden, guard etc
  2. Evolving the girls/women with disability in co-curricular activities
  • Exploring the girls/women with disability in art craft, dancing, games etc.
  • Explore extra curricular and co-curricular activities for girls/women with disability in hostel.

Who can join MJLH?

JLH can be joined by:

  • Girls/women with disability.
  • Girls/women segregated from society.
  • Students of MIHE and MSI.

It is encouraged for all families to take advantage of the respite facilities so that the girls/women with intellectual disabilities can become family and more comfortable in the particular environment.


Whom to Contact to Enrol in MJLH

Mrs. Indira Alok

Manovikas Joyful Living Home

60A, Radhey Puri Extn-I, Delhi-110051,

Mobile No. 9911107772, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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