Food & Beverage Service - Steward

SECTOR: Tourism and Hospitality


OCCUPATION: Food & Beverage Service


ALIGNED TO: NCO-2015/5123.20

Also known as “Waiter or Waitress”, the Food & Beverage Service Steward is responsible for efficiently and courteously serving food and beverage to guests of hotel, restaurant, canteens and banquet functions.

Brief Job Description: The individual at work greets and seats the guests; takes down their orders; serves them with tableware, food, beverages, and accompaniments; finally clears the used dishes and settles the customer’s accounts as per the company’s policy.

Personal Attributes: The job requires the individual to be fit to perform considerable physical activities and have pleasing deportment, healthy habits and good grooming commitment and proficiency. 

Pre-requisites to Training:
Preferable 10th Standard Passed (relaxation to Persons with disabilities after Skill assessment) 

After completing this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Plan for serving food and beverages
  • Greet customers, take order and serve
  • Apply relevant Customer service skills
  • Clean tables and counters
  • Exhibit Proper etiquette and conduct
  • Deal with customer payment and resolve customer service issues
  • Follow Health, hygiene and safety practices in the industry
  • Effectively communicate with Guests and Colleagues

Apply now:

Only for Certification under Recognition of Prior Learning in case if you are already working in Tourism and Hospitality sector  

For Regular training of  300 Hrs + 1 Month On the Job Training

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