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March 4 to 6, 2022

Discover the Needs of an Equal Opportunity Policy

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Providing facilities and amenities

to the persons with disabilities and enable them for effective participation.

Identification of suitable posts

for persons with disabilities, this is time to start and formulation policies, plans and programmes.

Recruitment, promotion and training

think for preference, allotments, reasonable accommodations and other facilities.

Analyse the equal opportunity policy for persons with disabilities under the UNCRPD and Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016.

Recommend reasonable accommodations and justify a framework of equal opportunity policy for persons with disabilities.

Design the equal opportunity policy for the Government establishment and private establishment, companies, institutions, schools colleges, universities, hospitals, local authorities, NGOs and all public facilities and services. 

All Government, Non-Government and Private establishment should be committed towards eliminating all forms  of unlawful discrimination (which includes direct discrimination, indirect discrimination)  and denial of reasonable accommodation and harassment of persons with disabilities. 

  • Every establishment shall notify equal opportunity policy detailing measures proposed to be taken by it in pursuance of the provisions on the Rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Every establishment shall register a copy of the said policy with the Chief Commissioner or the State Commissioner for the Persons with Disabilities, as the case may be.

Govt. Establishments

Ministries, State Govts., Departments, National and State Institutions, Local Govt., Banks Policy Makers, Directors, Recruiters, Grievance Redressal Officers etc.


Limited Companies, Private Companies, Public Companies, One Person Companies Associate Companies, Government Companies, Foreign Companies, Charitable Companies, Public Financial Institutions, Start-up and Entrepreneur, CEO/Directors, Secretary, HR Managers, Liaison Officer, Grievance Redressal Officer, etc.


University, College, Schools, Hospitals, NGOs etc. Registrar, Principal and College/School Staff, University Staff, Board Members, HR Officers, Grievance Redressal Officers etc.


Rehabilitation Professionals Registered under Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) Social Workers, Rehabilitation Professionals/Officers, Special Educators, Vocational Trainers/Employment Officers, Counselors, Therapist, Rehabilitation Social Workers, Rehabilitation Psychologists, etc.

Mentors and Resource Persons