Sachetan: A truly life-changing experience

Sachetan is a mental state achieved by focusing on one’s awareness in the present moment, and the process of calmly accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations. Sachetan programs are used as a therapy technique. There is no evaluation, interpretation, or judgment involved after being conscious. In other words, consciousness is an awareness of perception that focuses on “being” rather than “doing”.

The Self Care Practices perfomed in Sachetan are:


In Sachetan, a variety of self-care practices are performed that are completely related to our soul and mind.
Sachetan started on 1 April 2021 by Manovikas to relieve the stress of life of their employees and to increase productivity at work.
In the initial sessions, only staff were involved in sachetan to relieve the stress of life and to increase productivity at work. but seeing the behavior and mental changes of the employees, Sachetan started being organized on Zoom for all.

Sachetan has completed 270 episodes and covers many different topics like Kathopanishad, Yog Vidya, Pranayam, Naad Yog ,Dharna, Sukh or dukh, Sthool Sharir aur manomay Sharir, . Sachetan has about more than 600 participants on Zoom who take part in all the Self-Care Practices.There are more than 1000 live viewers on facebook and youtube.

Changes were observed in all participants as the number of Sachetan sessions were successfully conducted. People started getting involved in Sachetan, due to their timely arrival in Sachetan, time and discipline were awakened in the people. Everyone’s mind started getting engaged in his work.

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one small positive thought can change your whole day

"I am a struggling mother and with this introduction I am connecting with Sachetan. While walking, we sometimes stop and ask a lot of questions. Through Sachetan we found a platform to ask those questions too. Such a beautiful thinking and planning by Manovikas and implementing it well. For a long time, we have been connected with Sachetan and are also taking advantage, now the time has come that we should also try to tell how conscious(Sachetan) we have become."
Mrs. Saswati Dalal
"I learned so many things in Sachetan. I love to join Sachetan because all the members of Manovikas and students also join the Sachetan. It is very necessary to know what our life is. Sachetan makes a good impact on children. They learn how to make our lives easier and the thought of Sachetan will surely help them to achieve the goal in their life. Many thanks to Manovikas for organising such a motivational activity for children as well as parents and teachers.:"
Mrs. Neelam Dhamija

Sachetan: Focusing Self-Awareness

Join Sachetan Every Monday to Saturday at 10 Am

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