NSMH-04: Ethics and Standards for Counsellors 4th-5th December

1ST PRIZE Aanchal Harjai
(Paper Presentation)
Guidance and Counselling: Professional Competence and Micro skills of Counsellors working with students
2ND PRIZE Shweta Kansara
(Poster Presentation)
Ethical behaviour of counsellors


Trisha Walia(Poster Presentation)

Maintaining a therapeutic relationship

National Seminar on Mental Health (NSMH-03) : Good Health & Psychological Well Being 12-13 March 2021

1ST PRIZE Mrs. Rakshita Shekhar (Paper Presentation) Development of the Autistic identity – a pathway to good mental health in Autistic individuals
2ND PRIZE Ms.Monica Kahlon(Poster Presentation) Psychological and physical effects of the pandemic on adolescents.
3RD PRIZE Ms. Marya Haque and Team (Paper Presentation) Understanding Resource Accessibility, Learning Outcomes & Subjective Wellbeing Among Undergraduate Students During The Covid-19 Pandemic:
3RD PRIZE Ms. Vanshika Mahindroo and Shefali Dahiya  Mental Health In Two Steps

National Seminar on Mental Health and Social Inclusion for Person with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (NSMH-02) 29-30 Nov 2020

1ST PRIZE Dr. Nazia Ali(Paper Presentation) The perception towards their work environment and its relation to quality of life.
2ND PRIZE Ms. Susan James (Paper Presentation) The Future is accessible, Importance of Inclusion
2ND PRIZE Ms Preeti Jain(Paper Presentation) Importance of Inclusive Education
3RD PRIZE Ms. Reshma Shah (Poster Presentation) Traditional thinking New Way Thinking
3RD PRIZE Ms. Alphonsa Joseph (Poster Presentation) Universal Design of Learning: Equality and Equity

National Seminar on Mental Health and Social Inclusion for Person with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (NSMH-01)

1ST PRIZE Ms. Aanchal Harjai(Paper Presentation) Effects of Comprehensive Early Intervention and Diagnosis on reducing the stigma and stereotype on Children with Autism
2ND PRIZE Dr. Dipti Yadav(Paper Presentation) Social Inclusion of PIDD through Vocational Education & Overview of Policies & Schemes in India
3RD PRIZE Ms. Naynee Singh(Paper Presentation) Sexuality and the Children living in Children Homes: Concerns & Challenges

State Level Conference on “Think College” Higher Education Option for PIDDs 29-31 August 2019

Prize Name Topic
1ST PRIZE Mrs. Indira Alok National Skill Qualification Framework(NSQF)
2ND PRIZE Ms. Sonam Qureshi Stone to Apple- a success story
3RD PRIZE Mr. Rishi Examination Accommodations for the students with IDD- sharing experience of Manovikas