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Welcome to MANOVIKAS FAMILY & Manovikas eGyanshala (MeG), a universal design of learning (UDL) e-learning platform associated with Mashavara, a live consultation and education programme. MeG offers short-term training, workshops and seminars on inclusive education under the National Education Policy 2020 and Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) programmes on equitable and inclusive education, cross-disability, mental health support, care for the quality of life, advocacy on choice-making and spirituality development for mindfulness. Know more about the Educational Programme of Manovikas Charitable Society:

Kanishka Rajpoot
July 1, 2024

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Kanishka Rajpoot
July 1, 2024

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Manovikas eGyanshala
June 23, 2024

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Kanishka Rajpoot
June 6, 2024

Welcome, New Volunteers …….

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Are you searching for something more meaningful and rewarding? Contribute towards disability awareness, innovative teaching, information technology, social media, content writing, assistive technology, communication strategies, and many others. With these resources available to you, nothing is stopping you from making an impact on other’s lives.



Manovikas is opening recent vacancies for those with a sense of social responsibility and yearning for a meaningful career: special educators, counsellors, therapists, social workers, caregivers, teaching faculty (assistant/associate professors), website developers, multimedia and social media specialists, marketing, administration, public relation, rehabilitation professionals.



We provide opportunities for internship, research work, project work, field placement, casework, counselling, teaching practices, community service etc. for those who are undergoing undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral research. We will provide a certificate and a letter of recommendation

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Manovikas Charitable Society promotes positive social change by working with partners to support the disadvantaged, upholding voluntary organisations' high standards and principles.

Board Members

Manovikas Charitable Society has an esteemed advisory board, a governing board, and committed patrons who bring diverse skills and experiences to the decision-making process.

Manovikas Family Network

MFN involves, engages and assists members with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in gaining equal opportunity, independence, full integration and financial self-sufficiency. These families, relatives and community may be parents (even those with IDD), adoptive parents, foster care providers, professionals and educators, siblings, uncles/aunts/cousins, grandparents, grandchildren, parents (including those with IDD) and similar relationships.

Manbhavan Mitr Mandali

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) have unfortunately been subjected to discriminatory and isolating treatment, which has led to the deprivation of their fundamental human rights. To combat this injustice, the Manbhavan Friendship Circle has established itself as a self-advocacy group that empowers individuals with IDD by providing resources for decision-making, skills development, and building self-esteem.