Total Fundraising Goal:

Rs. 35 Crores (USD 4.5 million)

Secure the necessary funds to cover all expenses associated with the acquisition, construction, furnishing, setup, and contingency fund for the new facility of Manovikas Charitable Society.

Phased Goals:

Phase 1 (Initial Fundraising): Rs. 27 Crores ($3.5 million)

Objective: Raise initial capital to kickstart the project, covering a portion of the land/semi-constructed building purchase and initial setup costs.

Period: June 2024 to December 2024

Phase 2 (Construction and Furnishing): Rs. 5 Crores ($0.7 million)

Objective: Secure additional funds to construct buildings, furnishing, and equipment required to establish functional spaces for programs and services.

Period: January 2025 to June 2025

Phase 3 (Completion and Contingency): Rs. 3 Crores ($0.3 million)

Objective: Attain the remaining funds necessary to complete the project, including setup expenses and contingency reserves to address unforeseen circumstances.

Period: July 2025 to December 2025