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The Think College Program provides consultation services to universities, colleges, and other higher education institutes.

Many students with disabilities are unaware and unprepared when pursuing college studies. They worry about academic demands, social events, and how to manage coursework while having a disability. 

Restrictions in physical access, lack of knowledge of financial aid opportunities, and inadequate provision of support services by educational institutions can be daunting for disabled students. 

We help you to fulfil the mandate under the NAAC Accreditation and Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. 

Missing out on the traditional college experience due to a lack of resources can lead to feelings of despair and isolation. 

That’s why we here at Think College offer 1-on-1 peer consultation services for individuals with disabilities seeking a college learning experience that is right for them. 

We have a network of trained advisors who provide tailored advice based on each student’s needs and provide assistance in navigating the journey towards developing excellent higher education institutions. 

Reach out today to get started on your journey with Think College! 

All you need to do is click the button below and fill in your details – our advisors will reach out and set up a free initial consultation within 72 hours so you get all your questions answered quickly.

Are you a higher education institution seeking to provide equal opportunities for students with disabilities? 

Despite the well-meaning efforts of educators and administrators, many students with disabilities experience significant disparities in educational outcomes. This is partly due to the need for more understanding on campus about how to serve these students best and the lack of resources for faculty and administration to bridge this gap. 

That’s why we’re here – THINK COLLEGE has developed an Equal Opportunity Cell/Department on Disability Studies as per UGC guidelines, which provides disability sensitisation programs for faculty and students on campus. 

Our program will help you better understand the needs of the disabled student population while equipping them with the necessary skillset and knowledge to have an equal footing with their peers.

We offer comprehensive programmes that cover topics such as accessible educational materials, universal design for learning, accessibility auditing, disability rights law & regulations & early detection of disabilities, among others. 

This allows college administrators and faculty to be better prepared to respond to the unique needs of their disabled students. 

In addition, our program also facilitates campus-wide awareness workshops that promote positive attitudes towards people with disabilities through increased understanding of their experiences, thus creating an inclusive environment on campus that helps everyone thrive professionally and personally.

Now is the time for your college to embrace change and create a more equal landscape where all your students can succeed! 

Start now by signing up for our programme today, and let us help you make a difference in the lives of your disabled students!

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Do you worry about how a disability might limit your university/college campus experience? 

Does a lack of accessibility make you feel left out or frustrated? 

THINK COLLEGE project aims to ensure accessible university/college campuses for everyone. We understand that there should be no barriers to learning and growth as soon as you step on campus. 

We create an inclusive environment by providing comprehensive evaluations and recommendations to identify access issues before they become problems. 

Our dedicated team will first evaluate the physical structure of the campus area, noting any irregularities in its arrangement and potential safety hazards along the way. Then we provide specialised tools and resources so students with disabilities can enjoy everything the university/college offers. 

With THINK COLLEGE’s services, the university/college will be more than just a diploma – an unforgettable journey of exploration and growth! 

Get ready to start a life-changing adventure! 

All it takes is three simple steps: 

  1. Contact us today, 
  2. Sit back while we thoroughly assess your campus’s accessibility features and 
  3. Take immediate action when our findings are shared with you. 

Now let’s begin this fun journey together – Whatsapp us on 9540807772

Every university/college wants to attract the best and brightest students, regardless of any disability they may have. 

But it is challenging for many universities to provide equal opportunities for such students because of the need for adequate facilities and support systems. This leads to universities needing more potential bright stars that could add value to their institution and society. 

To ensure you fulfil your Equal Opportunity policy as mandated under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016, let us introduce our innovative THINK COLLEGE platform. 

It will help you in the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) accreditation. 

Our THINK COLLEGE platform provides an accessible environment for students with disabilities to access all classroom activities without feeling left out or stigmatised due to their condition. 

Specifically, we provide assistive technology such as Braille readers, screen readers, speech recognition software, and computer-aided transcription, which help disabled students interact better with their peers in multimedia classrooms. Additionally, we offer online guidance on special education needs (SEN), career counselling services available 24*7, information desks explicitly addressing disability issues, and one-on-one mentorship programs tailored around each student’s specific requirements.

Go beyond compliance – make a real difference to your disabled students by providing an accessible environment that encourages inclusion and promotes their personal growth. 

Get started today by signing up with our THINK COLLEGE platform – just click the button below and fill in your details! 

Our team will promptly respond within 72 hours and arrange for a preliminary consultation session at your convenience. So ensure you don’t miss out on any precious moments spent together – sign up today!

For students with disabilities, transitioning from high school to college can be difficult and highly stressful. 

They may not have access to the same resources or support that other students do and may struggle to navigate the complexities of university life. That’s why we started THINK COLLEGE – to provide a smooth transition for students with disabilities into higher education. 

Our program pairs individuals with disability-specific training and peer mentoring sessions led by certified counsellors. Through our comprehensive guidance, participants are empowered to participate in campus life, build relationships and develop skills necessary for an enjoyable academic experience. When enrolled in THINK COLLEGE, individuals gain access to our online forums to connect with professors, staff and other mentors for advice on engaging in campus activities and study tips. Alongside this is our one-on-one peer mentor relationship program which facilitates a strong social bond between peers. We also provide professional coaching services tailored to each individual’s needs that cover everything from self-advocacy to executive functioning skills. 

With all these tools at their disposal, participants are prepared for success when it comes time to join the collegiate community of their choice. 

Now is your chance to get your student the help and resources they need so that they can make their college dreams come true! 

Take advantage of our program today by signing up now; simply click the button below and fill out our form so one of our team members can contact you for a free consultation session within 72 hours!

Do you know how hard it is for students with intellectual disabilities (ID) to attend college today? 

Many of them struggle to balance their academic, social, and financial responsibilities and their unique challenges. Even though the number of institutions that offer courses for ID students has grown over the years, these students often feel emotionally overwhelmed or disoriented when attending college. That’s why THINK COLLEGE was created – to help these students make an informed decision about their future and provide them with essential tools and resources. We have a team of certified experts who can assist you in exploring post-secondary options according to your interests and goals. Our specialised services take care of course registration, curriculum planning, and financial aid and create an individualised support system that empowers students to succeed in college. 

As part of our unique service package, we provide live-in tutorial sessions that guide students through their courses step by step until graduation. 

We also include assistance with job placement after degree completion so that our clients will have a smooth transition into the professional world. 

If you are looking for technical assistance to help you get from college admission to qualified employment within your chosen field – THINK COLLEGE is your one-stop solution! To start your educational path today, simply fill out the form below, and one of our consultants will reach out within 72 hours.

Need help with inclusive higher education for students with intellectual disabilities?

Our team of expert consultants can assist professionals, families, and students on various issues. 

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