Space Constraints:

Inadequate Space for Programs: The current rented facility needs more space to accommodate our growing programs effectively. Our limited space, around 2000 sq ft, restricts the number of beneficiaries we can serve and hampers the quality of our services.

Poor Ventilation: Inadequate ventilation in the facility poses health risks to our beneficiaries and staff.

Lack of proper airflow leads to discomfort and may exacerbate existing health conditions.

Overall Unsuitability: The layout and design of the facility do not meet the specific needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Unfavorable conditions hinder the delivery of our educational, vocational, and therapeutic programs.

Financial Strain:

High Annual Rental Cost: The annual rental cost is Rs.60 Lakhs ($71K), a significant financial burden on our organisation.

Allocation of such a substantial portion of our budget to rent limits our ability to invest in program expansion and improvement.

Impact on Resource Allocation: The substantial rental expense diverts resources from essential programs and services for individuals with IDD.

Limited funding availability restricts our capacity to implement new initiatives and meet the increasing needs of our community.

Community Needs Analysis Beneficiaries:

Current Number: Approximately 2000 individuals benefit from our programs annually.

Future Needs: With an increasing demand for our services, we anticipate a rise in the number of beneficiaries in the coming years.

Existing Areas of Programs and Services


Manovikas Charitable Society advocates for the rights and inclusion of individuals with disabilities, influencing policy reforms and increasing awareness through programs like the Manbhavan Friendship Circle.


The organisation provides a safe and supportive living environment at Manolaya Home, emphasising autonomy and offering tailored assistance, education, and community engagement opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Manovikas empowers individuals through inclusive education, implementing accessible UDL modules aligned with NEP 2020 and providing a continuum of educational programs from early childhood to adult education.

Mental Health:

Focusing on mental health awareness and well-being, Manovikas offers professional assistance tailored to individuals and families, addressing specific mental health issues through specialised psychiatric services.


To facilitate spiritual growth, Manovikas provides practices and tools like Sachetan for unique spiritual journeys, therapeutic techniques and sessions to promote meaningful experiences.

As one of the leading providers of comprehensive services to persons with disabilities, the Manovikas Family has brought together over two million stakeholders over the past 25 years.

Get involved in advocacy, care, education, mental health, spirituality, and governance programs and projects—all designed to impact the lives of those we serve positively.

Together, let’s make a difference!

To access the Position Paper of 25 years of service and the STRATEGIC PLAN of Manovikas Charitable Society, please click on the following links: