Manovikas serves a diverse range of beneficiaries, including those from urban slum areas in East Delhi and the middle-class urban population residing in Anand Vihar, Vivek Vihar, Patparganj, Mayur Vihar, etc. areas. Ensuring proximity is vital to minimise commuting challenges, with a preferred location within a 2-3 km radius.

Research indicates that the estimated cost for land purchase in the East Delhi vicinity, near our present location, is approximately Rs. 30 crores ($3.5 million). We are exploring potential locations aligning with our accessibility criteria and will provide updates soon.

Land Size:

Mission and Objectives Consideration: The land size for the new facility should align with the mission statement and campaign objectives of Manovikas Charitable Society, focusing on expanded capacity, improved environment, introduction of new programs, and enhanced services.

Suitable Land Size: Considering these factors, a land size of approximately 2 to 3 acres (approximately 8000 to 12000 square meters) is deemed suitable to effectively fulfil the organisation’s mission and objectives.

Current Challenges: Despite the ideal land size requirement, finding such vast areas, especially in East Delhi, poses a challenge. Available plots of even more than 1000 square meters are scarce.

Identified Option: The Manovikas team has located a partially constructed building with an area ranging from 650 square meters to 800 square meters (approximately 7100 square feet). While this option falls short of the desired land size, it presents an opportunity to adapt and optimise the available space to meet the organisation’s needs.

Adaptation and Growth: Although the identified space may be smaller than initially envisioned, the organisation can leverage innovative design and utilisation strategies to maximise its potential. Additionally, the flexibility to expand and grow in the future should be considered when evaluating the suitability of the available space.

Construction Costs:

Building Structure: Estimated costs for constructing/furnishing a four-floor building with residential facilities, educational spaces, vocational training areas, and therapy rooms.

Materials and Labour: Costs for construction materials, labour, and permits.

Contingency Fund: Contingency fund for unforeseen expenses during construction.

Setup and Operational Costs: Equipment and furnishings, budget for furniture, educational materials, therapy equipment, and technology.

Initial Operational Costs: Include initial costs for utilities, staffing, and program supplies.

Breakdown of Costs:

Land/Semi-Constructed Building Purchase: Rs. 27 Crores (USD$3.5 million)

This includes the acquisition cost of the land or semi-constructed building identified by the Manovikas team, which serves as the foundation for the new facility.

Construction and Furnishing: Rs. 5 Crores (USD$0.7 million)

Will Be Allocated for the construction of additional buildings or renovation of existing structures, as well as furnishing them with necessary equipment and furniture to support the organisation’s programs and services.

Setup: Rs. 2 Crores (USD$0.2 million)

Funds designated for setting up infrastructure, utilities, and operational systems are required to commence operations smoothly in the new facility.

Contingency Fund: Rs. 1 Crores (USD$0.1 million)

Provision for unforeseen expenses or emergencies during the land acquisition, construction, or setup phases, ensuring financial resilience and flexibility.

Total Estimated Budget: Rs. 35 Crores (USD$4.5 million)

The combined sum of all the above expenses represents the comprehensive budget required to realise the vision of securing a new, fully-equipped facility for the Manovikas Charitable Society.