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‘Think College’ is the unique inclusive option for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (PIDD) that acknowledges the value and genius of students regardless of their disability. 

Manovikas is a great place to support those seeking a specialised inclusive higher education! Their commitment to equity and excellence, combined with student-centred research, guides them in generating and sharing knowledge, informing public policy and engaging with students, professionals and families. Manovikas is a great place to support those seeking a specialised inclusive higher education!

It also helps manage institutional change and informs about accessibility, reasonable accommodation, and public policy, intending to engage students, professionals, and families around these issues.

‘Think College’ offers critical support for those looking for a tailored college experience as part of the educational journey for the PIDD. We also engage with all stakeholders – universities, colleges, institutes, students, professionals and families- to share our knowledge and enlighten them on various inclusive options.

The Think College project is a specialised educational facility that provides comprehensive and personalised instruction to learners with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). The University Grant Commission (UGC) has accepted our suggestions on Higher Education for these special needs individuals.

Manovikas Family is dedicated to providing quality teaching, assessment, and learning resources tailored to each individual while considering the varying levels of understanding and mental and physical limitations. ‘Think College’ options help to develop courses that cover language development, socialisation, numeracy, motor skills development, and more – all to build upon their student’s strengths and assist them in achieving the best possible outcome for their future.

Helping Students with Disabilities Reach for Higher Education Dreams with the THINK COLLEGE Project

Think College Project has reached five universities and 38 colleges, serving about 300 students with disabilities pursuing higher education. The project provides regular follow-ups, sensitisation programs, and assistance with reasonable accommodations.  

5 Universities 

38 Colleges

300 Students 

1000 Faculties Sensitized