Governing Body

The Governing Body collects Members elected by the General Body to carry out their obligations and manage all daily operations.

In Manovikas Charitable Society, its Governing Body may consist of twenty-one (21) members distributed as follows:

  • President,
  • 2 Vice Presidents,
  • Managing Secretary
  • Maximum of 17 Governing Members.

The governing body will be responsible for executing the decisions taken by the General Body and for putting in place the upcoming plan for the organisation.

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Before Applying for Membership in the Governing Board, please review Manovikas Charitable Society’s Rules and Regulations.

Check out who is our Present Governing Members!


Ms. Sonia Saini

Governing Member

Mrs. Nirmal Chhabra

Governing Member
Namrta Amar

Mrs. Namrata Amar

Governing Member

Mr. Manuj Jain

Governing Member

Mr. S. K. Tyagi

Governing Member

Mr. Harish Gupta

Governing Member

Bayant Rai Nagpal

Governing Member

Mr. Anand Maheshwari

Governing Member

Dr. Alka Ahuja

Vice President

Dr. Kamal Kumar

alok sir

Dr Alok Kumar Bhuwan

Managing Secretary

Dr. Nimesh G. Desai

President & Mentor

    Present Board of Governing Members 

    SlName OccupationDesignationDate of Joining
    1Dr. Nimesh G DesaiFormer Director IHBASPresident18/02/2018
    2Dr. Kamal Kumar AggarwalDirector LBIIHMVice- President19-09-2015
    3Dr. Alka AhujaHomoeopathic ConsultantVice President18/02/2018
    4Dr. Alok Kumar BhuwanRehabilitation Specialist Founder ManovikasManaging Secretary16/02/2000
    5Mr. Kamal Nayan Vishwakarma Special Educator Tamana Special SchoolTreasurer19-08-2010
    6Mr. Anand MaheshwariFellow Chartered AccountantGoverning Members19-09-2015
    7Mr. Bayant Rai NagpalBusinessmanGoverning Members19-08-2010
    8Mr. Harish GuptaBusinessman Governing Members19-08-2010
    9Mr. S.K .TyagiAdvocate Supreme Court Of IndiaGoverning Members19-09-2015
    10Mrs. Namrata AmarSpecial EducatorGoverning Members18/02/2018
    11Mrs.Nirmal ChhabraSocial Worker and Special EducatorGoverning Members18/02/2018
    12Ms. Soniya SainiConsultant Governing Members18/02/2018
    13Mr. Manuj JainStudent Supervisor ManovikasGoverning Members19-09-2015

    Founder Board of Governing Members 

    SL Name OccupationDesignationDate of joining
    1Mr. Narendr Kr. JainBusiness President16/02/2000 to 20-08-2001
    2Mrs. Nirmal BhandariSocial WorkerVice President16/02/2000 to 19-09-2015
    3Dr Alok Kumar BhuwanRehabilitation Professional Managing Secretary16/02/2000
    4Mr Lakahn SinghRetired Scientist DRDOMember16/02/2000-19-08-2010
    5Mr G.L.TanejaBankerMember16/02/2000- 19-08-2010
    6Mr M.C RustgiBankerMember16/02/2000 to 19-09-2015
    7Mr Bikash Chander ChoudharyCharted AccountantMember16/02/2000 to 19-09-2015
    8Mr Vijay BhatiaOrthotistMember16/02/2000 to 19-09-2015

    Former Governing Board Members 

    NameOccupationDesignationFrom to 
    Mr Narendr Kr. JainBusinessman President 16-02-2000 to 20-08-2001
    Mr Vikram DuttRehabilitation ConsultantPresident 20-08-2001 to 19-09-2015
    Mr Fazlure Rehman QureshiBusinessmanPresident 19-09-0215 to 18-02-2018
    Mr Fazlure Rehman QureshiBusinessmanVice President 16-04-2014 to 19-09-2015
    Mr S L JainPrincipal Vice President20-08-2010 to 16-04-2014
    Mrs Nirmal BhandariSocial WorkerVice President16/02/2000- 19-09-2015 
    Mr Sachin VatsDirector Vice President 19-09-2015 – 18-02-2018
    Mr Anil VajpayeeMLAVice President20-08-2010 to 16-04-2014
    Late Mr Lakhan SinghScientist Governing Member16/02/2000 – 19-08-2010
    Mr G L TanejaBanker Governing Member16/02/2000 to 19-08-2010
    Mr M.C. Rustagi                                        Banker Governing Member16/02/2000 to 19-09-2015
    Mr B.C. Chaudhary Charted AccountantGoverning Member16/02/2000 to 19-09-2015
    Mr Vijay BhatiaOrthotistGoverning Member16/02/2000 to 19-09-2015
    Col. (Retd.) H.C Vyac  Retired Col.Governing Member19-08-2010 to 19-09-2015
    Mr Lalit NarayanGovt. OfficerGoverning Member19-08-2010 to 19-09-2015
    Dr. (Mrs.)Vijya Taing  Former TeacherScindia School Governing Member19-08-2010 to 19-09-2015
    Dr Pankaj AggarwalProfessor Governing Member19-09-2015- 18-02-2018
    Mrs Vini AggarwalFounder Media House Governing Member19-09-2015 to 18-02-2018
    Mrs Sujata GoenkaSpecial Educator Governing Member19-09-2015 to 18-02-2018