Manovikas Charitable Society is an established platform for governance, maintaining the highest standards and complying with the principles of Voluntary Organisations. They strive to work alongside their partners to support the disadvantaged and promote positive social change.

Manovikas Charitable Society is committed to maintaining the highest governance standards and complying with the principles outlined in the Memorandum of Manovikas Charitable Society, which the Government approves. With functions at all levels in place, including the General Body, Governing Board, Advisory Board, Academic Council, Members, Volunteers, and Senior Staff – Manovikas has built a solid foundation to ensure effective service delivery. 

General Body           

The General Body comprises all participants in the Manovikas Charitable Society for

  • We are examining any matters tabled by the Governing Board, including the yearly budget and audited statements of Accounts.
  • They are ascertaining any proposed issues, which shall be determined to be accepted or declined by a simple majority following a vote.
  • The General Body has the responsibility of electing Governing Body members.
  • A simple majority shall determine all other issues before the General Body.
  • I am applying to become a Member of the Manovikas Charitable Society.

Governing Body

The Governing Body collects Members elected by the General Body to carry out their obligations and manage all daily operations.

In Manovikas Charitable Society, its Governing Body may consist of twenty-one (21) members distributed as follows:

  • President,
  • 2 Vice Presidents, 
  • Managing Secretary
  • Maximum of 17 Governing Members.

The Governing Body will be responsible for executing the decisions taken by the General Body and for putting in place the upcoming plan for the organisation.

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Before Applying for Membership in the Governing Board, please review Manovikas Charitable Society’s Rules and Regulations.

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To become a part of the society, all people (Indian or other nationalities) may apply for membership.

Advisory Board 

The mission of the Advisory Board is to offer advice and counsel to the Society and Governing Board. Strategies are formulated with meetings between members of the Advisory Committee and Regulators.

The Board, including an external evaluation professional, assists in sustaining conventions and policies laid out in the assessment mandate.

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Academic Council                      

The Manovikas Academic Council is assisting in forming academic curriculums for IDD students planning on continuing their education and arranging suitable facilities with necessary infrastructure developments. The council has also developed techniques for instructing the course material, setting up teaching timetables, and facilitating practical education fees.

Furthermore, they are also working to create links with enterprises and potential employers. Click here for a list of members of the Manovikas Academic Council. 


The team at Manovikas Charitable Society perform the function in four significant domains headed by Programme Managers for administration, Education, Care, and Advocacy. In addition, the Managing Secretary and staff members take care of daily matters and operations. 

Governing Board Members and the Secretariat are vital in advancing progress and development for Manovikas. In addition, they provide support for creating a positive reputation, building relationships with partners and stakeholders, and their involvement in fund-raising activities.

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Project Team

The Manovikas Charitable Society’s personnel ensure daily plans and operations run smoothly. However, they must ultimately answer to the Project Head and Managing Secretary, responsible for all of Manovikas’ doings. 

The staff are split into Administration, Technical, and Non-Technical parts. Nothing regarding who does what is definitive, as all roles and responsibilities will be outlined in the human resource documents and bylaws. The framework might vary if projects grow or change over time. Look up their credentials to learn more about the individuals involved in the activities. Please see the list of staff on the website of Manovikas.

Governance Team
Pooja Kanojia

Ms. Pooja Kanojia

Programme Manager, TEED

Dr Lalit Narayan

Advisory Committee Member

Mr S. K. Dua

Advisory Committee Member

Dr Rita Malhotra

Advisory Committee Member

Col. H.C. Vyas

Advisory Committee Member

Ms. Sonia Saini

Governing Member

Mrs. Nirmal Chhabra

Governing Member
Namrta Amar

Mrs. Namrata Amar

Governing Member

Mr. Manuj Jain

Governing Member

Mr. S. K. Tyagi

Governing Member

Mr. Harish Gupta

Governing Member

Bayant Rai Nagpal

Governing Member

Mr. Anand Maheshwari

Governing Member

Dr. Alka Ahuja

Vice President

Dr. Kamal Kumar

Madan Mohan Vidyarthi

Sh. M. M. Vidyarthi

Resource Person
Shri KVS Rao

Shri KVS Rao

Resource Person
Sanjay Kant Prasad

Dr. Sanjay Kant Prasad

Resource Person
bhushan punani

Dr. Bhushan Punani

Resource Person
Akhil S Paul

Mr. Akhil S Paul

Resource Person
alok sir

Dr Alok Kumar Bhuwan

Managing Secretary

Dr. Nimesh G. Desai

President & Mentor

Sound administration is critical to the success of any organization. It is essential to ensure that policies and procedures are in place for running an effective operation. A reliable governance process must be established to guarantee effective management and beneficial outcomes.