Kundan is 4years child with Autism. He got his admission in Aarambh Child Care Center in Jan 2019.He has speech problems like babbling/coining/misarticulating disorder. Although

He is very cute and smiling and he regularly come to school with proper dress up and does participate in painting and dancing activity.  He also involves in such activity which attract people attention to him like ‘Namaste’. With the help of speech therapy now he is able to sit for few mints and say like baba/papa.


Kundan is very charming boy and do participate in all activities like dancing, painting, games. Parents of Kundan are very cooperative and caring. His sitting tolerance is increased and also started babbling like baba/papa/mama. And responding in auditory training drum sound.



*Due to privacy names and pictures of students are changed.


View of a Mom of a Son with Autism

As per my view it was tough but real conversation behind the brave face of parenting with the master Sanjay. It was challenging for me to choose the correct words for describing the quality of my child. Sometimes I with my family faced problem to interact with other people in society. Meanwhile with the help of social workers I reached Manovikas School, there he got his training in ADL and behavior modification and Now Sanjay is getting social. I remember those years when I couldn't go for grocery shopping because it’s seems little difficult. I can’t remember the last time I said yes to an invitation for a social outing because my child doesn’t interact much with others but now it’s been easy for me to deal with the issues and my son has become more interactive with other peers and relatives.

Teacher’s Perspective

Sanjay is a nine years young boy. He got admission in Aarambh Child Care Centre. He is lovely boy. He is involving in activities like dance, painting, drawing, games, learning from moral stories and also shares his food with other students in the classroom. He has become more interactive, developed his listening skills and able to react the poem which brings smile on his and his mothers face.


*Due to privacy names and pictures of students are changed.


Manovikas Institute for Higher Education help in Problem behaviour of Autistic Student


Manovikas Institute for Higher Education (MIHE) work on the problem behaviour. We have one student his name is Manav. Manav is perusing his IT (Domestic data entry) course from MIHE. When he came to Manovikas he had many behaviour problems because of the several reasons he couldn’t come regularly in MIHE. At that time his behaviours increase day by day. His parent’s very concern about him. After one year he came regularly in Manovikas. He didn’t identify difference between girls’ washroom and boys’ washroom. His repetitive behaviour also create problem during his study but now he is doing well in IT and his behaviour are improving.


Parents Perspective

My son Manav was born on 2nd October 1997. Manav is a twin baby in which Manav is the first twin and second twin was expired after 2 days of birth. In his childhood Manav suffered from jaundice and pneumonia. Manav is a very loveable child of the family.  We never treated him as a different child. People say many things about Manav and we ignored them. He done his studies till 10th class but after 10th we were very concern about his future. Then we came to Manovikas and they told us about IT course and ensure us for his job. We feel very relaxed and Manovikas staff not only trained him in IT they also work hard on his behaviour.

Opportunities for the bright future


Manovikas not only enhance Manav’s academic skill but we also give him opportunities to involve and enjoy co-curricular activities. Manovikas trained him for the interview, internship and job. Manav is very fond of music so we gave him to music classes and it is very impactful for Manav because of music his hyperactivity decrease. In Manovikas Manav interacted with other people (Classmate, Teachers etc). Manav also do the internship outside the Manovikas successfully.

अमन के परिवार में इसकी माँ और एक बडा भाई है जिसको अमन की ही तरह आटिस्म है। अमन को तो नशीले पदार्थों के सेवन का लत भी लग गया था। माँ अपने दो-दो विशेष बेटे को एक साथ रखने में आस्मर्थता महसूस करने लगी थी और मनोविकास स्वतंत्र जीवनकला केन्द्र के छात्रावास में अमन का दाखिला करवा दिया। 
अमन धीरे-धीरे प्रशिक्षण के बाद हर क्रियाकलापों पर प्रतिक्रिया करने लगा और नशीले पदार्थ का सेवन भी करना छोड दिया है । अब अमन स्वयं के दैनिक कार्यों में निपुणता हाशिल कर लिया है। 
छात्रावास में सभी के साथ मिल कर रहना उसको पसंद है। अमन की माँ जब उसे छुट्टियों में घर ले जाती है तो अमन घर पर भी आटिस्म जैसे व्यवहार करना कम कर दिया है। 



सदा मुस्कुराता हुआा आदिल, जो हमेंशा एक ही तरह के कामों में उलझा रहना पसंद करता है। आदिल के परिवार में उसका बड़ा भाई है और इनका देख-रेख मनोविकास स्वतंत्र जीवनकला केन्द्र के छात्रावास में होता है। प्रशिक्षण के बाद अब आदिल स्वयं को काटना, यौन सम्बन्धी समस्या व्यवहार, आदि से निजात पाकर कॉपी में लिखते रहना, दोस्तों से बातें करना, अपनी चीजांे को संभालकर रखना जैसे क्रियाकलापों में व्यस्त रहता है। ऑटिस्म अब आदिल को कम परेशान करता है क्योंकि अब वह स्पष्ट और स्थिर व्यवहार करना पसंद करने लगा है। 


How Manovikas School for Inclusion (MSI) unlocked the talent of an Autistic Child?


 We have amazing student Sahil with ASD. We  worked closely with family to help them through  some challenging issue.

 Sahil is 22 years young boy. He also has an  intellectual disability and low vision. He is very  smart. He has a great personality and is very loving.




Parents Perspective

When our son was diagnosed with ASD, we were confused about our son’s future. We wanted to do all  we could to help him reach his full potential but just did not know where and how to start. When we came in contact of Manovikas School for Inclusion. We felt very comfortable and placed our most precious gift in their able hands. The MSI has been a  blessing for us and we were extremely pleased with level of care and educational services provided. Our son loved going here. I mean who wouldn’t love going to a place where all of your achievements, whether big or small are discussed and celebrated.



 Hope for a bright future

 Sahil has scored 60% in OBE-C (equivalent to   class VIII) NIOS examination. These are   good  scores, in themselves. What makes them better is  this that he is one of unique student   who has Multiple Disabilities(Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Low Vision).   He is one of the smart student who now enrolled in X standard from NIOS. He learn through smart board it enhance his learning experiences.      

Improving outcomes, changing life of Sahil with Co-curricular activities
Sahil plays and socialize so that he can easily connects with peers and teachers. Sensory play can help Sahil to calm down, stimulate their senses, and develop important skills.


*Due to privacy names and pictures of students are changed.



 About Home of Hope (HOH)
 Home of Hope Inc ( founded in year 1999 by Dr. Nilima Sabharwal is a California based , 501(c)3 , non profit charity that has ONE GOALTo   empower disadvantaged kids to become self sustaining citizens of tomorrow.
 HOH Partners with struggling orphanages and schools and implements programs focussing mainly on Education and vocational training.
A Disadvantage Child?
This covers a wide spectrum and includes Orphan, destitute, physically crippled, mentally challenged, deaf, speech, impaired, blind,  child prostitutes, village girl child etc.
About Home of Hope (HOH YC)
The goal of HOH YC is to ignite compassion in the US children by interacting with the HOH disadvantaged child in India.
SMILE project is one of the newest innovative program of HOH YC (HOH Youth Chapter) launched on Jan 27, 2019 . The founder of this program is 10 yr old Amora Singh who has an innate compassion for children with special needs. HOH YC is under the umbrella of Home of Hope (www.hohinc)
The SMILE (Special Minds in Loving Environment) project is one such example. Smile is the key to the heart, Will open the heart to compassion for these special children 
Many years ago,a young 8th grader,gazed outside his school window,watching a peanut seller selling his peanuts and trying very hard to save his mentally challenged child from the ongoing traffic. The peanut seller looked helpless and frustrated. This young boy..was distracted and could not focus . He felt restless  and then experienced a calling from the Higher Power .!!..
That "calling" was Manovikas ( and  that young boy is Dr. Alok Bhuwan.
Today Manovikas is a day care and residential center in Delhi for children with special needs from predominantly low-income families. HOH established  partnership with Manovikas since yr 2000 in Co creating and funding major programs. HOH funded Programs has been the catalyst for bringing awareness to the mentally challenged in India.  
In yr 2000 Manovikas was a hole in the wall today. Manovikas is highly reputable Institution in India, the training center for care givers and has provided the GOVT. with the national assessment standard for autism. Manovikas is the first community college providing a Mini MBA programs ,skill dev courses like hospitality , and the diplomas are recognized by CBSE (Central Board for Secondary Education) and recently for the first time All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Manovikas Is the pioneer of  the recent
Disability law Act 2016: which mandate a 1% reservation in jobs for person with Intellectual Disability.
The list goes on And on ... 2.1% of India's population is mentally challenged Delhi has about 2 lacs 35K mentally challenged kids. 
Manovikas has empowered 5000 kids in 20 yrs since 

Manovikas Joyful Living Home

Project Slogan:- Think independent, live independent

What is MJLH?

Joyful living home offer affordable, accessible living arrangements along with the supports needed to meet each girls/women with intellectual and developmental disability.

In group homes, our focus extends far beyond ensuring a girls/women with intellectual and developmental disability basic needs are met. We promote girls/women decision making, meaningful community involvement and assist individuals to develop and maintain independence in their everyday lives.


Bliss of Life (BOL)

Project slogan:- Anandmay jeevan


What is BOL?

BOL, a quality of life programme is a new & innovative project has been undertaken by Manovikas Charitable society. It aims to provide a safe, stimulating & creative day centre for young people & adults in the community with severe & multiple disability that are unlikely to benefit from further educational intervention or training programmes .

Why is BOL?

BOL is aims to provide a safe, stimulating and creative day centre for young people and adults in the community with sever and multiple disabilities that are unlikely to benefit from further educational intervention or training programmes.


Provide exemplary care and welfare for people with intellectual disabilities by establishing an appropriately equipped and staffed day centres which become examples of the way India should be supporting its people with intellectual disabilities.

  1. To make student independent in grooming and ADL
  2. To train students in craft activity
  3. To train students in any skill and send them into hospitality training
  4. To give yoga training to the student so that their hyper activity can be reduce

Action plan:

Activity-1:- Five day centres established for the care and support of people with severe intellectual disabilities.

  1. Research and assess current information on care and support for people with severe learning disabilities.
  2. Plan and identify the needs and resources (including funding, building features, staffing, equipment and transport) required to establish two day centres.
  3. Identify funding and suitable premises for two day centres. (One centre could be part of the relocated hostel building).
  4. Provide resources and equipment to aid staff to undertake their roles and responsibilities..
  5. Open the day centres.
  6. Market the day centres to enable more people with severe intellectual disabilities to receive care, support and companionship and to attract funding.

Activity-2:-  Excellent care facilities available at the day centres

  1. Plan and identifying the skills and experience required to provide quality facilities in establish five day centres.
  2. Employ a full time qualified care and welfare manager with support from experienced and trained staff to manage and supervise the around the clock and staff the day centres six days a week.
  3. Provide adequate equipment, resources and technical support to enable the staff to implement effective care management systems for people with severe intellectual disabilities.
  4. Support (internal and external) training courses to update staff knowledge and skills about current care practices (including hygiene, first aid, fire and disaster drill) and to ensure all staff are working to the same high standards.
  5. Organise forums on specific intellectual disability care issues for staff, the board and members of Manovikas, civil society organisations, carers in the community and families.
  6. Encourage college students studying intellectual disabilities to gain practical experience volunteering in the hostel and care centres. These activities will provide extra stimulus for students and care home users and extra support for staff.

Who can join BOL?

BOL can be join by:-

  • Children with severe and profound Intellectual disabilities.
  • Multiple Disabilities

At BOL who serve you:

  • Assessment of an individual
  • Providing recreational activities
  • Supported staff
  • Child care providers
  • Individual preferences
  • Children’s mental health agencies
  • Child specialist
  • Availability of different types of activities such as: Yoga, Meditation, Exercise, Fine and gross motor activities.


Whom to Contact for Admission:

Mrs. Indira Alok

Manovikas Charitable Society

60A, Radhey Puri Extn-I, Delhi-110051

Mobile No. 9911107772  Email: indiraThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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