Bhavya Early Risers (BER)

Caring for and educating young children is exciting and challenging at the same time. As an early education provider Bhavya Early Risers (BER) centre work in partnership with families to offer consistent, loving care for young children.

BER services and staff are one of a child’s earliest and most important teachers.

BER services and staff are one of his or her earliest playmates and friends. The way a child views his or her world is influenced by your voice, touch, eyes, and smile.

When you think of a child and how he or she is growing, you notice things like how soon he or she smiles, sits up, rolls over, or how well he or she walks, talks, holds a spoon, and feeds him or herself. Children learn naturally during this time, by doing, by watching you and other children, and by being taught how to do different things. Because you know the children in your care so well, you might notice that one of them is growing or developing differently than other children of the same age. What you are noticing are changes in different developmental areas.


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