About Home of Hope (HOH)
 Home of Hope Inc (www.hohinc.org) founded in year 1999 by Dr. Nilima Sabharwal is a California based , 501(c)3 , non profit charity that has ONE GOALTo   empower disadvantaged kids to become self sustaining citizens of tomorrow.
 HOH Partners with struggling orphanages and schools and implements programs focussing mainly on Education and vocational training.
A Disadvantage Child?
This covers a wide spectrum and includes Orphan, destitute, physically crippled, mentally challenged, deaf, speech, impaired, blind,  child prostitutes, village girl child etc.
About Home of Hope (HOH YC)
The goal of HOH YC is to ignite compassion in the US children by interacting with the HOH disadvantaged child in India.
SMILE project is one of the newest innovative program of HOH YC (HOH Youth Chapter) launched on Jan 27, 2019 . The founder of this program is 10 yr old Amora Singh who has an innate compassion for children with special needs. HOH YC is under the umbrella of Home of Hope (www.hohinc)
The SMILE (Special Minds in Loving Environment) project is one such example. Smile is the key to the heart, Will open the heart to compassion for these special children 
Many years ago,a young 8th grader,gazed outside his school window,watching a peanut seller selling his peanuts and trying very hard to save his mentally challenged child from the ongoing traffic. The peanut seller looked helpless and frustrated. This young boy..was distracted and could not focus . He felt restless  and then experienced a calling from the Higher Power .!!..
That "calling" was Manovikas (www.manovikasfamily.org) and  that young boy is Dr. Alok Bhuwan.
Today Manovikas is a day care and residential center in Delhi for children with special needs from predominantly low-income families. HOH established  partnership with Manovikas since yr 2000 in Co creating and funding major programs. HOH funded Programs has been the catalyst for bringing awareness to the mentally challenged in India.  
In yr 2000 Manovikas was a hole in the wall today. Manovikas is highly reputable Institution in India, the training center for care givers and has provided the GOVT. with the national assessment standard for autism. Manovikas is the first community college providing a Mini MBA programs ,skill dev courses like hospitality , and the diplomas are recognized by CBSE (Central Board for Secondary Education) and recently for the first time All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Manovikas Is the pioneer of  the recent
Disability law Act 2016: which mandate a 1% reservation in jobs for person with Intellectual Disability.
The list goes on And on ... 2.1% of India's population is mentally challenged Delhi has about 2 lacs 35K mentally challenged kids. 
Manovikas has empowered 5000 kids in 20 yrs since 
Details of Participant in 1st web conference:
1. Mst. Kaka

Father Name: Daljeet Singh

Date of Birth: April 06, 2006

Disability: Mild Mental Retardation (IQ-52)

Class: 3rd

2. Mr. Souham Deb

Father Name: Surajit Deb

Date of Birth: November 11, 1996

Disability: Profound Mental Retardation (IQ-20) and Low Vision

Class: 8th

3. Mr. Shyam Kashyap

Father Name: Ram Ratan Kashyap

Date of Birth: October 10, 2002

Disability: Mild Mental Retardation (IQ-61)

Class: 8th

4. Mr. Kunal Rajora

Father Name: Dinesh Kumar

Date of Birth: November 16, 2000

Disability: Mild Mental Retardation (IQ-61)

Class: 8th

5. Mst. Suraj Mandal

Father Name: Pran Gopal Mandal

Date of Birth: November 09, 2001

Disability: Mild Mental Retardation (IQ-60)

Class: 8th

6. Mr. Ankur Khanna

Father Name: Pammi Kumar Khanna

Date of Birth: September 27, 1991

Disability: Cerebral palsy with spastic tetraplegia with mental retardation and seizure disorder (IQ-62)

Class: 10th

7. Mr. Abhishek Singh

Father Name: Jaivir Singh

Date of Birth: June 19, 2002

Disability: Mild Mental Retardation (IQ-64)

Class: 10th

8. Mr. Sagar Raina

Father Name: Sanjay Raina

Date of Birth: November 04, 1998

Disability: Mild Mental Retardation (IQ-58)

Class: 8th

9. Mr. Ashish Singh

Father Name: Arvind Singh

Date of Birth: December 26, 1999

Disability: Mild Mental Retardation (IQ-60)

Class: 10th

10. Ms. Riya Singh

Father Name: Mr. Umesh Sharan Singh

Date of Birth: March 17, 2003

Disability: Mild Mental Retardation (IQ - 62)

Class: 8th

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