Empower Your Voice:

National Workshop on Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy for Individuals with IDD


Enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to recognise their strengths, make informed decisions, and advocate for their rights.

Supportive Environment:

Foster a supportive environment where participants can build self-awareness, communication skills, and confidence in navigating various aspects of life.

Self-Advocacy Plans

Practical Tools: Equip participants with sensible strategies to develop personalised self-advocacy plans and actively engage with their communities.

Engaging Workshop:

Led by experienced facilitators.

Interactive Activities:

Group discussions and peer support opportunities.

Practical Strategies:

Resources for building self-determination and self-advocacy skills.

Initiate Self-Advocacy Programme

Empower Your School and Organization:

Do you want to start the self-advocacy movement of students with IDD in your school and organization?

Join workshop to learn how!

Exclusive Access to Valuable Resources:

Do you need the Self-Determination Scale for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (SDS-IDD) (Indian Version)? Attend our workshop and get it for free, which is worth Rs 10,000!

Boost Your Professional TRP:

Self-advocacy movements are boosting the TRP of your training and teaching-learning process. Enhance your professional skills and make a difference in the lives of students with IDD!

Internationally Recognized Curricula:

The curricula and courses for developing self-advocacy used in the USA and UK are now available! Are you interested in starting training in self-advocacy for students with IDD in your school? Sign up now!

Unlock Your Potential, Start Rights Based approaches in Rehabilitation, and Connect with Your Community

Who can join

All RCI Professionals categories ,

including parents, family members, and individuals aged 18 and above with IDD.


The venue is wheelchair accessible, and accommodations will be provided for participants with specific needs.

Registration Fees

Rs 1500 until June 30, then Rs 2000. The minimum fee for parents, and individuals with IDD is Rs 1200.

Date and Timings

Thursday- Saturday

July 18-20, 2024 | 09 AM to 5 PM


Manovikas, 60A Radhey Puri-I,


CRE Points

18 CRE Points

Workshop Objectives:

  • Introduce participants to self-determination and its relevance in promoting independence and quality of life.

  • Assess participants’ self-awareness, communication, and decision-making skills through interactive activities and discussions.

  • Educate participants about their rights and the importance of self-advocacy in accessing resources, services, and opportunities.

  • Guide participants in creating personalised self-advocacy plans tailored to their goals, needs, and aspirations.

  • Facilitate peer support networks and community engagement opportunities to enhance participants’ sense of belonging and inclusion.


The workshop offered invaluable insight into implementing effective strategies for students with special needs. The session was informative and engaging, and I appreciate the concise delivery of such valuable information.

Mrs. Kanika Chadha

I just came back from an amazing workshop! It was a valuable experience, and I learned so many new things about supporting special students. The workshop covered important aspects of giving individual attention to special needs students.

Mrs. Nikita Tokas

Join our workshop to empower IDD individuals with self-advocacy and community engagement skills.

Receive the Self-Determination Scale for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (SDS-IDD) (Indian Version)
for FREE, which is worth Rs 10,000!

All Special Educators, Professionals, and Parents Should Join!

Enhance your skills and empower individuals with IDD by joining us for practical tools, strategies, and meaningful community engagement.

Join us online and start learning today. Terms apply.

Expert Facilitators: