alok sir

Dr Alok Kumar Bhuwan

Managing Secretary

Dr Alok is a world-renowned specialist in Rehabilitation Science & Special Education and founded the Manovikas Charitable Society in 1997. He has received invitations from prestigious organisations around the globe, including the International Dance Council under UNESCO, to share his research and experience in special education and therapeutic music and dance.

As the founder of the Self-advocacy movement in India, Dr Bhuwan is paving the way for people with IDD to pursue inclusive higher education and develop their skills. Through the Think College! Programmes enable these individuals to access Inclusive higher educational opportunities and expand life options they never thought possible.

Drawing on his strong corporate and industry connections, Dr Bhuwan has helped thousands of students find suitable and fulfilling jobs, earning them recognition from prestigious organisations like IGNOU, CBSE, the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and the National Trust. Delhi Commission has even acknowledged his work for the Protection of Child Rights, which has appointed him a consultant.

For 27 years, Dr Alok has dedicated himself to rehabilitating persons with disabilities—from his research in India and Japan to his lectures at UNESCO HQ in Paris. With a commitment to equal opportunities for disabled persons and their families, Dr Alok’s work has gone on to change the lives of countless individuals living in poverty or excluded from society due to disabilities.

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