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What is the basic procedure of Getting Admission?

First of all, we do the Assessment of the Special Child, after assessing his/her report we decide what the Actual condition of the Child is & accordingly we give admission.

What kind of services & facilities provided by Manovikas?

Manovikas provides facilities of Educational services, Care and Welfare Services and Promoting the Rights of Those with Intellectual Disabilities.

What all Vocational courses are available for persons with Intellectual Disabilities?

We provide Courses in four different sectors, these are: Hospitality, Information Technology, Retail and Health & Beauty.

What is the Time duration of these Vocational Courses?

These Vocational Courses are basically of One year duration.

What is the Eligibility criterion of becoming a Hosteller?

Candidate must be above 17yrs & Independent enough in Daily living activities.

Is it possible here that my Child will be recruited somewhere after completing the course from here?

Sure, as we has a Placement Unit which provides Job Opportunities to each Student According to their capabilities.

Are you Sure that if I’ll send my Ward to attend this “Feel safe workshop” then it will Prove Beneficial for him/her?

Yes, it will prove beneficial as through this we describe the positive message about sexuality, its understanding & safety.

Can Hearing Impaired Persons also get Educational facilities here?

Sorry, But currently we don’t deal in this sphere.

Do you really feel that “Make my choice” liter ally means “my choice”?

Yes, to some extent we can say that “Make my choice” is really “Make my choice” as through this we improve domestic & social skills, enhancing their ability to make everyday decisions & developing their self-confidence & selfesteem & these all are an essential part of somebody’s life.

Do you provide Educational facilities to mainstream students along with special students?

Yes, currently we are dealing with these special needy persons but for future we are adding innovative programmes of CBSE NIOS for Mainstream students also.

Is your all Faculty members are enrolled under RCI?

Yes, our all faculty members are registered under RCI.

I belong to a very Poor Family & If I want admission can I get some rebate in fee?

Of Couse, as every person has a equal right to be educated, & if You have BPL Cards/ Income certificate from Govt. dept then only we give you rebate according to the norms.

Does your N.G.O fulfill all Necessities & requirements of disabled persons?

Yes as a specialized team put proper emphasis on each & very needs & desires of our special needy persons through different means.

As your organization is a charitable society then why you charge fees from parents?

This is true that our organization is a charitable society which runs on limited charity funds & donations which are not sufficient enough to provide good & adequate facilities to the persons & this money is utilized for their upliftment & well-being.

Why will Companies employ Person with disability when there is a pool of non-disabled persons in the market?

As per our Survey we found that some companies required disabled people they have a view that these people perform their job with honesty & with full devotion & dedication as compared to others.

Do you believe that Disability Awareness Workshop is important?

In this current Scenario. It’s become a Pre-requisite to create a massive awareness about disability. & with this workshop we convey a message that” Disability is not an inability rather it’s a different ability”.

I came to know about “Sahyogi scheme” of National Trust? What does this scheme is all about?

Basically “Sahyogi” in this context means “Care giver” In this after taking training in this scheme. Any person is eligible to help & assist a disabled person in his/her Domestic activities.

What is this “Saath- Saath” Project all about?

“Saath-Saath” project is Quality of Life Centre (QOL) run by Manovikas in to the weaker section of the society or person belongs to slum areas.

Who all are the Beneficiaries under this scheme?

Any adult Person with Disability of the poor family.

Do you have any Placement Record?

Yes, we have a good placement record. Many of our students have placed in good & reputed companies.

My child is not capable of reading & writing. Then how he give his MCC exams?

He can easily give his exams as we provide him Examination Accommodation.

Can you give Guarantee that my ward will get job somewhere?

No, we & you both have to come hand in hand to find a good job for your child.

. If in any case my child left his/her current job? Then will you again provide him job?

Yes, as initially we give them a placement Form to fill & as per the terms & conditions of the form. He can give 3 times interview & accordingly he/she will be recruited.

Is 10th and 12th pass outs students of NIOS are equivalent to the mainstream pass out student?

Yes, it is equally valuable as mainstream pass out student.

Is it possible that these persons can do something in their in future?

Yes, we give proper training & guidance to them & this will surely yield fruitful results.

If you are working for these special needy children then why you charging fees from us?

Yes, it is so because, basically our Organization is an N.G.O which runs on limited funds & charity & our entire staff is paid. That’s why we charge fees from students.

Why, your summer vacations are for a longer period?

It is not in our hands. We decide the duration as per the Govt Prescribed norms.

My, daughter is 20 years old so can you give him toileting training?

No, It’s not possible now as she has passed her age of learning these Daily living activities & she needs a caregiver

Give a brief description of “Manovikas Charitable Society”?

The last letters of the word itself describes. Vikas means “Development”. It is an organization working for the intellectually & developmentally delayed persons & it takes all measures for imparting Education & for their upliftment in the Society.

What is your objective behind running this organization?

Still now this sector is basically a neglected part of our society so in order to decrease discrimination in all respects we take all measures for their education & empowerment in the society.

Do you give Speech, Physiotherapy, and Occupational therapy to the special needy persons?

Yes, we frequently provide these therapies to the persons for the education of Independent living.

Is it necessary to have the disability certificate at the time of admission?

Yes, it is mandatory that you should be having the disability certificate of the concerned person at the admission time.

Do you have enough patience level & tolerance power to handle these special needy children?

Not from the beginning, but gradually as the time passes with these children it’s become habit to be with them.

I am searching Job for my child but not knowing what all companies are more suitable to them?

In this modern Era, where Knowledge & skills go hand in hand it is difficult to predict about what all companies is suitable to them but nowadays it’s become a increasingly trend that many companies are hiring Person with disability as they perform their task with full devotion & dedication & lastly we do more surveys to find what all jobs are more suitable to them.

My ward hasn’t trained in Daily living activities? Will you provide him/her with these skills?

Yes, we provide these skills to the concerned persons but he/she should be under the age of learning these daily living activities.

Many times we read about Love Arts in your brochures? What is it all about?

Love Arts is basically a type of training lab which is supported by MIHE. It basically established to develop & enhance the entrepreneurship, entrepreunial abilities in the persons with developmental disabilities.

What all Assessment tools do you follow for assessing the condition of the person?

We do the assessment through different methods. These are FBA, CPI, IEP, MI, Behavioral Management, ADL, Screening test.

Is it possible that my child will be perfectly normal after getting admission here?

We’ll not give assurance as It is a condition which is not curable & it is not in our hands. We can just give them education & train them about different quality of life skills so that they can lead an independent & fruitful life.

Do you educate them about computers also?

Yes, along with academics we involve those in different co-curricular activities also like: - in competitions, computers,

Do you provide courses to general students also?

Yes, we have different courses which are available for general students.

Do you have transportation facilities for the students?

Yes, we provide transportation facilities to our all students.

Is it possible here that after getting education here he/she will get Govt. job?

We can’t say anything as it is not in our hands but we’ll try our level best so that they can get fruitful employment opportunities in Govt sector also.

How many no of students can resides together in a Hostel?

Maximum 20 persons can live in a hostel.

How many years old your organization is? & in what places its branches are?

This organization is running since 20 years and we have one branch name is “Manvik-LBIIHM” in Pitampura Delhi, we have two more Quality of Life Centres their names are “Saath-Saath” & “Bhavya Early Risers” they suited in East Delhi.

Does the parent of hostellers properly coordinate & co-operate with you?

Yes, Sometimes some parents create problems but mostly all the times parents give their proper support & co-operations.

If my child is M.R & having an attention behavior problem then will he/she is able to get admission?

Yes, we’ll give admission.

Will these persons ever get Govt. jobs in their career?

We can’t say anything now but we try our level best so that they can get equal & fruitful employment opportunities in Govt sector also.

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