More than 6 million people in India have some form of Intellectual disability, Autism spectrum disorder, Specific learning disabilities, and high support needs. MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA is an online universally designed learning modules for the “Persons with Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)”.
Parents of IDD are struggling to cope with the closure of schools; their challenges are more complex, intense, and demanding for families. Families and children with disabilities need both teachers and schools to commit to develop and provide materials as well as the means for parents to help their children learn while at home. The Special Educators, Speech Therapist, Psychologists, Caregivers will help them online in this critical situation.

MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA to consider redeploying this cohort of the workforce, with appropriate safeguards, to work online with family and individuals. Following are the significant problems for IDD during COVID-19 crisis: [STAY HOME]Stay Home

Degradation of physical and mental health – This can be due to stress, lack of sleep, an inability to concentrate.

Disruption in routines – suddenly altered crisis which is disorienting and confusing for persons with IDD.

Interruption in therapy or medication – Not being able to see a therapist or worry about getting a prescription renewed can be anxiety-provoking.

Boredom and frustration – Social distancing means less ability to go out and socialize or exercise—the IDD mind, which continually seeks novelty and stimulation. Family tensions can be heightened and add to the emotional distress of the crisis.

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