How is MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA available?

MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA provides an exceptional opportunity to meet the Special Educators, Therapists and Counsellors in REAL-TIME ONLINE environment to the students with IDD living at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. The mobile-based learning platform offers exceptional education, different therapies through instructional guidance and interventions, as well as sports, music, dance, love, peace and joyful atmosphere through 'Moodle app'. The family and individual with IDD can learn wherever they are, whenever they want, and a minimum of three hours of face to face real-time interactive sessions are available.


Join your Course While staying at home in COVID-19 lockdown, MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA has concerns about child's wellbeing, personal and social care, family and parents support, exceptional education support, psychological and behavioural intervention, skill development, virtual counselling, speech therapy etc..



Manovikas team understand and assess the needs and requirements of the family and persons with IDD and prepare brief person-centred planning (PCP) for each individual. The MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA is working with a team of Special Teachers, Therapists and Volunteers who provide loving, care, support and resources for needy students during COVID-19.
MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA team works closely with parents, family members, caregivers and concerned therapists, to ensure that the student's PCP is being followed for the education, making reasonable progress with skills and quality care.

Please visit MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA on http://manovikasfamily.org/elearning.

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