How universally designed is MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA? 

Our team understand and assess the needs and requirements of the family and persons with IDD after brief person-centered planning (PCP).

MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA is presenting in more than one way, including text, audio, and hands-on formats. We encourage teachers to offer different test formats, including oral presentations and group projects, to get a more accurate picture of what students know.

MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA also looks for different ways to keep students motivated.

MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA makes choices and giving them assignments that feel relevant to their lives are some examples of how teachers can sustain students’ interest. Other common strategies include making skill-building feel like a game and creating opportunities for students to move around virtually.

The MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA team works closely with parents, family members, caregivers, and concerned therapists, to ensure that the student's PCP is being followed for the education, making reasonable progress with skills and quality care.
The challenges addressing through the 'Moodle app', the family and individual with IDD can learn wherever they are, whenever they want, and a minimum three hours of face to face real-time interactive sessions.

MANOVIKAS EGYANSHALA has been developing easily accessible course content with the universal design of learning approaches. The Family of IDD or individuals with IDD can browse the content of their specific courses, even when offline.
Activity, like a tailored lesson plan,  forums, or quizzes, properly means something students can contribute directly, and contrasted to a Resource such as a File or Page, which is presented by the teacher to them.
The course resources have audio-visuals, multimedia, and innovative workbooks.
The special teacher and individual can participants to have a real-time synchronous discussion through chat, video conferencing.
The persons with IDD can be given various choices of learning and asks questions with a specific selection of multiple responses.
They are minimizing social distancing and virtual Connection with special teachers, peer groups, and other course participants. The provisions designed to have quick to find and contact other people in their group of courses.
The persons with IDD feel happy when they see his peers and teachers, which also gives them emotional support. During this COVID-19 situation, the sensitive support system shall provide through this MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA platform.
The up to date information or notifications of messages and other events, such as meeting face to face with the special teacher or counselor or therapist, assignment submissions, upload of new teaching-learning resources like images, audio, videos and other files from educators can be seen instantly in their mobile device.
Even timely alerts of hand wash, keeping social distance, etc. shall be provided.
Person and family with IDD can track their progress of learning and development on viewing their grades, check completion progress in courses, and browse your learning plans.

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