Diploma in Education (Mental Retardation)

Mrs. Sangeeta

Course Coordinator

Mrs Rubi Nirala


Dr. Nimesh Desai

Faculty in Psychiatry

Dr. Alok Kumar Bhuwan

Faculty in Rehabilitation

Dr. Om Sai Ramesh V.

Faculty in Psychiatry

Mr. J. C. Gupta

Faculity in Hearing Impairment

Dr. (Prof.) Pankaj Aggarwal

Faculty in Homeopathy

Dr. Alka Ahuja

Faculty in Homeopathy

Mr. Lalit Narayan

Faculty in Occupational Therapy

Mr. Vikram Srivastava

Faculty in Human Rights

Mrs. Namrta Amar

Faculty in Special Education

Mrs. Indira Alok

Faculty in Special Education

Mrs. Shefali Sharma

Faculty in Physiotherapy

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Trivedi

Faculty in Special Education

Mrs. Maheshwari Choudhary

Faculty in Social Work

Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Faculty in Speech Therapy

Mrs. Savitri Sharma

Faculty in Yoga

Mr. Rishi Buttan

Faculty in Information Technology

Ms. Deepa

Occupational Therapist

Mr. Vakeel Ahmed

Special Educator

Partners in support and recognition

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