What are the positive changes you can see?

The innovation of MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA can bring positive change in three levels: 


Implementation of MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA will bring change in the characteristics of School/ Service Providers/Educators to expand the services inclusively for IDD even we have less number of SPECIAL EDUCATORS, THERAPISTS, and Rehabilitation Professionals.  
Attitudes: society will act towards a broader spectrum of resources, not see the disability or disorders in persons.
Beliefs: MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA will challenges conviction associated with disability as perceived barriers to inclusion, and it will open to a nation-wide.
Values: Respect for the evolving capacities of a person with IDD and respect for the right of a person with IDD to preserve their identities will increase.
Abilities to connect and inspire: see them the best in an individual with IDD rather than focus on their struggles. Also,
Ability to innovate  "could be easily changed."

MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA will change in the enabling conditions for persons with IDD
Professional Training and Development: MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA will be an example in the education system for students with IDD
The pooling of resources: in teaching and learning enormous resources will be virtually available.     
Administrative Leadership and Support: from Govt., CSR, Philanthropist and society at large will open and innovate in the sector of IDD. 
Curricular Change Merging of Regular and Special Education into Full Inclusion: Students will IDD shall be educated and awarded with Certification of achievements, and it will help towards their employment and job placement.

MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA has student’s PCI, outcomes and educational goal which will help in developing an inclusive educational system
Academic and Social Competence of persons with IDD shall highlight once they educated systematically.
Educational Equality and Equity: shall be ensured for all.
Living and Learning in Community of IDD: will be wider 
Lifelong Learning shall be an opportunity for IDD.
School-Home Partnership will be more reliable due to flexibility and availability.
Independent Learning and Thinking for self-esteem will be recognized.  

To this day, the traditional inclusive classroom has not fully met the educational needs of learners with IDD. The MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA project has presented a new model to implement within the inclusive classroom an intelligent guided e-learning system specifically designed to address the needs of learners with IDD as well as the needs of their support team. The system can be utilized by teachers, serva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), ICDS workers, special educators, therapists, interventionists, and parents as a guide for one-on-one activities or as a self-directed individual.

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