Manovikas School for Inclusion towards Inclusion 

Project slogan:- Mainstreaming children with disabilities


What is MSI?               

MSI is providing primary education to the children with disability, prepare them for inclusion and include them in the mainstream school.


Why is MSI?               

The children with disabilities need accommodation to study in the mainstream school and complete the course of study.


  1. To identify the potential of students and extending opportunity to study in mainstream school:
  • To identify the current knowledge, skills and attitude
  • To plan transition and its activities based on the resource activity.
  1. To provide need based education
  • To design and develop the curricula and its activities through significant plan to activity the transition goal.
  1. To prepare to get admission in the mainstream school
  • To develop their learning, communication and and social skills.
  • To develop positive behavior.
  1. To include them in the mainstream schools.
  • To maintain contact with the mainstream schools.
  • To empower the mainstream schools for inclusion.
  • To discuss the IEP with class teacher.

 Need for this project:-               

  • Inclusion coordinator.
  • Mainstream teacher.
  • Involvement of parents and family.
  • IEP and Instructional strategies of teaching, learning and evaluation.

 How MSI work?               

  1. Identification of school for children.
  2. Individualized educational programme (IEP).
  3. Parent’s involvement.
  4. Progress monitoring.
  5. Contact with mainstream schools and class teacher

    Whom to Contact for Admission:

    Ms. Vaishali Rajput

    Manovikas School for Inclusion

    60A, Radhey Puri Extn-I, Delhi-110051

    Mobile No. 9911107772  Email: vaishaliThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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