The blue colour in Manovikas’ logo stands for serenity, motivation and dependability.

The individual’s journey denotes physical, psychological, social and spiritual expansion beneath the crescent moon. This celestial object symbolises the periodic and transformative quality of the universe and offers life-sustaining nourishment to our planet.

The emblem’s green leaves signify optimism that positive transitions often follow hard times like a flower blooming.

‘Om Tat Sat’ from verse 17.23 of the Bhagavad Gita featured in the logo embodies Manovika’s brand strategy. We accept reality within ourselves as one Divine Form when we act rightly out of charity, live modestly and are liberated from worldly matters. The mantra “Sat” infers everlasting presence with immense goodness.

At Manovikas Family, we appreciate the existence of a unified superior being while practising thoughtfulness and aiming to provide a peaceful atmosphere where everyone can feel safe and contented.

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