Anubhuti Sanchay (अनुभूति संचय):

Celebrating Mindfulness and J.C. Gupta Ji's Legacy

The year 2024, Manovikas is proud to host the Anubhuti Sanchay (अनुभूति संचय), a celebration of experience and a tribute to the life and work of the late J.C. Gupta Ji. Held on the anniversary of his birthday, this event marks the first year since his passing and serves as a testament to his enduring vision for the Sachetan program.

Honouring J.C. Gupta Ji’s Legacy

J.C. Gupta Ji, a true visionary, established the Sachetan program with the belief that mindfulness practices could empower individuals and cultivate a more positive and peaceful community at Manovikas. The Anubhuti Sanchay honours his legacy and the ongoing impact of Sachetan on the lives of countless participants.

Sachetan: Cultivating Awareness in the Present Moment

Sachetan, a Hindi word meaning “a state of mind achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment,” is the program’s cornerstone. Through daily virtual sessions lasting 35 minutes, participants engage in a variety of mindfulness activities:

  • Prayers: Fostering a sense of connection and gratitude.
  • Meditation: Cultivating inner peace and focus.
  • Sharing Positive Thoughts: Building a positive and supportive environment.
  • Gratitude Exercises: Enhancing appreciation for life’s blessings.
  • Open Sessions: Addressing concerns and fostering open communication.

Remarkable Results: Transforming Lives at Manovikas

Over the past three years, the Sachetan program has yielded remarkable results. A diverse group of participants, including over 100 students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, special educators, parents, staff, volunteers, and visitors, have all benefited from these sessions.

The program has demonstrably improved:

  • Well-being: Participants experience greater calm, happiness, and satisfaction.
  • Attention Span: Increased ability to focus and concentrate for longer durations.
  • Relationships: Enhanced communication and connection with others.
  • Inner Abilities: Improved self-awareness, self-determination, and a sense of empowerment.

The Anubhuti Sanchay promises to be an evening filled with vibrant activities, heartfelt reflections, and a renewed appreciation for the transformative power of mindfulness. Join us as we celebrate J.C. Gupta Ji’s vision and the ongoing journey of Sachetan at Manovikas!

SACHETAN's Thoughts by Late J C Gupta (Draft)