Manovikas School for Inclusion held a lively and colorful celebration in honor of Mother’s Day, uniting all the mothers within their community. The event was a fun-filled day that brought immense joy to all the attendees through various engaging activities. From interactive games like “Bujho To Jaane” and “Look and Find,” to creative challenges such as “Ghar Banao” “Flip the bottle” and “Chain Banao,” the festivities were carefully planned to ensure everyone had an enjoyable time. The focus was on encouraging participation, fostering inclusivity, and creating unforgettable memories for every mother present.

The atmosphere exuded a vibrant energy, buzzing with the joyous sounds of laughter as mothers eagerly participated in every game, creating treasured moments. What made this event stand out was its unique concept – every mother was declared a winner, emphasizing the value of participation and ensuring that everyone felt recognized and appreciated.

The feedback from the mothers was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their gratitude for the careful planning and inclusive approach of the event, which made each one feel special. Comments were filled with praise for the happiness and sense of togetherness that the celebration fostered. A mother said, “The games were so enjoyable, and I loved how everyone was a winner. It truly made the day extraordinary.” Another added, “I had an amazing time at the event. I felt valued and connected with other mothers.”In summary, the Mother’s Day festivities at Manovikas School for Inclusion were an undeniable triumph. It left all the mothers feeling elated and cherished, strengthening bonds within the school community and leaving a lasting positive impression on all who attended.