We provide opportunities for internship, research work, project work, field placement, casework, counselling, teaching practices, community service etc. for those who are undergoing undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral research. We will provide a certificate and a letter of recommendation

Internship/Fellowship/Volunteer Ship at Manovikas

Objectives of Placements

  1. To open doors for people from related fields to gain insight into disability and social problems.
  2. To promote multi-disciplinary/interdisciplinary combination.
  3. Record the experience and facts accumulated to benefit the sector.

Basic Guideline

  1. Individuals interested in particularly related fields, health care, counselling, psychology, social work, psycho-social development, developmental studies, business management, project development, or technology, can apply to the Manovikas Charitable Society (MCS) in Delhi.
  2. The placement period can range from one week up to a month. Meanwhile, an internship can be different, ranging from 4 weeks to six months.
  3. Likewise, the term for volunteer work may be chosen after evaluating the particular individual.
  4. Subsequently, completed applications and project summaries should be sent by the institution’s/organization’s head or reference person to the Managing Secretary of MCS. (emails:,
  5. Applications should be advanced two weeks prior, or they won’t get accepted.
  6. All applications will undergo vetting by coordinator staff before endorsement. The ultimate choice regarding approvals stays within the Managing Secretary of MCS.
  7. The program already set up needs to be respected entirely. According to individual qualifications and expertise, specific duties will be allocated under the direct control of representatives/mentors. Under no circumstances shall any independent action undertaken with clients be authorized by MCS personnel.
  8. Upon the start date of placement, interning or volunteering, an action plan should be sent to the coordinator immediately submitted via guide/referent away.
  9. Placement that is longer than seven days and requires further fortnightly reports via Guide and Internships involves handing in biweekly notifications throughout their duration.

Rules and regulations

  1. The candidate chosen must conform to the rules and regulations of the Manovikas Charitable Society.
  2. The individual selected will not be bestowed an allowance or salary throughout their internship, volunteering or fellowships they take part in.
  3. MCS will provide no accounts for travel costs or daily allowances.
  4. In the event of illness, it is incumbent on the selected novice to secure suitable medical treatment during the internship; however, any emergencies will receive an obligatory first-aid response.
  5. An appreciation certificate includes experiences from their works completed, but only after completing their placement/internship successfully and presenting required reports.

Ethical matters must also be kept in mind.

  1. They are expected to honour their peers, lecturers and clients with respect and dignity.
  2. Utilizing the position for personal gain or advantage and breaching confidentiality relative to case data is strictly prohibited.
  3. Any evidence collected would necessitate agreement with their advisor and conceded permission from Manovikas Charitable Society before thoughts of publication can be realized.


  1. The payment of life membership/annual membership of the society is a qualifying factor for consideration concerning the associated charge for volunteering.
  2. MCS does not bill anything for the volunteer program.
  3. On the other hand, organization/professional support during the internship/placement is valued at Rs. 3000 per month.
  4. Besides, extra payments will be necessary if instructional materials or instructions are required.


  1. Prospective individuals must conform to the timetable, regulations and administrative directives during both placement/internship.
  2. Further information can be acquired by contacting Mrs Indira Alok on 9911107772.
  3. In addition, Volunteer ship applicants must hand in their Membership Forms with additional necessities.
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